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Lucknow or Lakhnau is the Capital of Uttar Pradesh (India) and resides on the bank of River Gomti, located in what was originally known as the Awadh (Oudh) region.Lucknow has always been a multicultural city and flourished as a cultural and artistic capital of north nIndian in the 18th and 19th  centuries.Courtly manners, Nawabi Culture, beautiful gardens, poertry,music,and fine cuisine patronized by the persian loving Shia Nawabs of the city are well -know amongst Indian and students of south Asian culture and history .Lucknow is popularly known as the City of Nawabs.The Hindu holy place Ayodhya is about 135 km away from Lucknow. The temperature will range in between 25-10 degree C during the Congress period.Details about Lucknow are also available at